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Thrifty Ways To Decorate Your Log Cabin Home

Log Cabin Home Decor Whether your log cabin home is your year round residence or a vacation home, you do not have to go deep in debt to decorate it. There are many places where you will find items that will fit the log cabin decor perfectly that will not leave you feeling guilty about spending the money. Take a look at these examples. They are fun, functional and pure log cabin. One or more of them will be the perfect thing to make your log cabin your own personal space.

Homespice Decor - Cotton Braided Log Cabin Step Oval Rug A braided rug is the perfect accent for a log cabin home. The one comes in a large variety of sizes and shapes - one will surely be the perfect size for your log cabin home. Prices start at $59.00. Log Cabin Decor: Square Iron Bear Flower Wall Plant Hanger . Imagine this friendly fellow greeting your guests at the front door to your log cabin home. Hang a colorful plant from the hook and the picture will be complete. This guy costs $49.99 for the medium size and $54.99 for the large.

Log Cabin Decor - Welcome (Shadowed) . Your guests will have no doubt about how you fell about their visit when they are greeted by this colorful sign. You can choose from 9 different colors and it costs $19.86.

Moose R Us has a large variety of items that are perfect decorations for your log home. For instance there is the Rustic Lodge Log Cabin Decor Wall Art Snowshoes Set which is a set of full sized snow shoes ready to be hung on the wall or placed in a corner like they are ready to be used. They cost $28.00. They also have the Set/2 Large or Miniature Iron Pine Cone Rustic Cabin Lodge Decor These would look great on the fireplace mantel or a coffee table. They would make great paper weights too. They sell for around $38.00.

Log Cabin Salt & Pepper Shakers They are not made of logs, but they sure look like they do. They are actually ceramic and add a whimsical touch to your log cabin dinner table. They sell for $8.99.

Log Cabin World Black Bear Lodge This log cabin replica lights up and would look great sitting on a table by the window. It sells for $17.98.

Log Cabin Critters Kitchen Napkin Holders These woodland critters will add a bit of the outdoors to your log cabin home. You have your choice of Buffalo, Pine cones, Moose or Bear. This one sells for $24.99

River City 2110Q-08 Log Cabin with Waterwheel Cuckoo Clock Every home needs a good dependable wall clock and the traditional cuckoo clock fills the bill for a log cabin home. It even has its own water feature. If you have ever wanted a cuckoo clock and do not want to spend hundreds of dollars, this one is perfect at just $89.95.

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